What is Abstract Gold?

I first want to thank you for checking out this website. I have big goals for this site, but accomplished in a small way. I hope for this site to become a vital nerve feeding the growth of consciousness and expansion of holistic health, abundance and wellness. This site will touch many different topics, but they will all have one thing in common, helping everyone live as well as possible.

My name is Charles Hopkins and creating something like this has been a big desire of mine for many years. I hope to create many books centering around this theme in the future and do as much as I can to help everyone be as happy and healthy as possible.

For now this blog will be more of a charity donation for me to give back. You must give to receive. Eventually it will find ways to be monetize, but if I make any profit off of you, i truly hope to give you more in return for what you receive.

I currently own https://grospot.com which is ok but lately I have come to realize that investing my time and energy into this business really won’t be helping the world become much better of a place. Abstract Gold was originally going to be a hash company. Ironically as marijuana became legal in California I stopped smoking it for the most part and have been living a mostly sober life doing all I can to increase my health and consciousness.

When I originally created GROspot I had immense passion for marijuana, I would make videos, reviews, take pictures and many other things because I wanted to and found it exciting. Over the years that passion slowly faded away and I found creating content more like a chore than a fun activity. When this happens with things you are doing it usually means it is time to move on to something new.

Sometimes I would get little boosts of inspiration to create guides on health and reviews on books. Unfortunately a sad reality is the majority of people following GROspot doesn’t like to eat healthy or read. There are a few that are an exception, but sadly a lot of the stereotypes of stoners get proven again and again. Posting wellness content through that avenue usually felt like barking at a wall. When I was younger and motivated by drugs, alcohol and money, creating content along those lines would pick up much traction. From experience I have learned that not much good comes from quick greed centered thinking.

I’m really happy to have you here and hope that this content helps lift you up. Please leave your feedback if you think you can make improvements on anything here. The beauty of this digital medium is it can be changed at the click of a button and I hope to be constantly making improvements.